These boots are made for shopping…but are the shops?

Shoes and shoe shopping – everyone has an opinion on the matter and rarely are there so many stereotypes relating to a single topic. Reason enough for us, the Market Researcher, to get to the bottom of what exactly makes buying shoes a shopping experience? Séissmo’s market researchers went out and about in Europe and took a look at the shop windows of shoe shops in four different countries. The differences and similarities that we have uncovered make up the topic of this year’s Séissmograph, which will be available shortly. In addition to our observations in the shoe shops and the revelations of the shoppers from Italy, France, Germany and Norway on the topic of shoe shopping, we have also visited them at home, where we have discovered the fascination of online shopping too. As a sneak preview we have put together a short film, which gives you an idea of what the buyers as well as the shop windows revealed – and not just about shoes!



Keywords: Shopper experience, shoes, online purchase, window shopping, digital influence, pairs, socializing, browsing, search function, filters, sales services, brick and mortar shops, fashion, Europe, retail, semiotic analysis; in-depth interviews, individual interviews, ethnography

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