Exploratory Research :

Usage and Attitudes Studies (U&A) to investigate consumer behaviour

Have you ever navigated without a map? Difficult, isn’t it? Risky too. Ordering a U&A research is giving your business and your teams the opportunity to understand which category they work for, where their offering and brand stand, how customers tick in this area and what drives their preferences.

Usage & Attitudes: What is it?

U&A studies are a type of psychologically based research designed to explore attitudes, behaviours and motivations. They are ideal for uncovering culturally specific issues. The results of U&A studies are invaluable to businesses, providing insights for marketing strategy development, product/service improvement and brand positioning, as they provide a map and in-depth understanding of what people do and don't do in a particular category.

What is the best way of doing it?

Often, our clients want a U&A section in a focus group. In our experience, this is not recommended as all the other participants will be bored to death while one person describes their usage habits in great detail. It is better to collect the information individually, e.g. through in-depth interviews or by having consumers document their usage habits in an online diary. Our qualitative experts are adept at using creative methods, projective techniques and new technologies to uncover the key attitudes and motivations of your target audience.

Combination of qualitative and quantitative modules

We also conduct U&A studies in combination with quantitative research. In this case, the role of the qualitative step is to discover the relevant dimensions (motives, mind sets, behaviours, routines, beliefs…) in order to generate the right hypothesis and prepare an appropriate questionnaire for the subsequent quantitative step. For example, we conducted a segmentation study among dog and cat owners that had a strong U&A component, looking beyond demographics to assess consumers' psychographic and lifestyle characteristics and their relationship with their pet.


But watchout: The research results are often comprehensive, full of granular details, and they do not provide you with an answer on what to do/ not to do. You still have to design your own path through the landscape. But from then, you know how to explore your territory and own it.

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The other 3 pillars of our research expertise

Brand & Strategy Research

  • Advertising impact
  • Product re-launches (360° marketing checks)
  • Packaging
  • Prices & promotion
  • Marketing mix coherence, portfolio
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Shopper Research

We look at every angle
  • Shopping experience (online and offline)
  • Optimal layout, co-creation with Do-It-YourShelf
  • Shopping mood, shopping mission
  • Loyalty drivers
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Product & Packaging Test

We find the addiction factor
  • Opportunities for adopting new concepts and ideas (both products and services); addiction factor
  • New formulas, flavours, fragrances, textures, colours, shapes, dosage forms, handling, devices, packaging materials, service components, names, claims, etc.
  • Customer & user experience
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