Brand & Marketing Mix Research

We decrypt your brand's DNA and unravel the marketing
message. We ensure its congruency as well
as its meaningfulness.

If your question sounds like these, you've come to the right place!

  • How has your brand image evolved over the last few years?
  • What is your brand DNA composed of?
  • How far can you stretch your brand with product diversification?
  • How is the new distribution channel going to impact your brand image?
  • How congruent are all your touch points? Is your online presence mirroring your physical reality?
  • Where does your new campaign lead your brand to?
  • Which aspects of the marketing mix need to be altered in order to launch a European product successfully in China?

Our online and offline tools and techniques

Extended group discussions, mini-groups, concept labs

Pre-tasks, safaris, personal excursions, scouting

Dyads (friends’ and couple interviews) and triads

Collages, mime, role plays

Advertising tests via screen-to-screen interviews, with controlled exposure

Semiotic Research

Website Discourse Analysis

« Your analysis is sharp, you find out what is relevant. You become experts of the category very quickly. You really own the initial question to 100% »
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