Exploratory research for deepest consumer insights

We uncover and visualise consumers' mental maps.
We build a compass to let you know where and how to position your product and brand.

If your question sounds like these, you've come to the right place!

  • What motivates women to wear make-up or stops them from using it?
  • Breakfast rituals: what’s on the plate in France and Germany?
  • What symbolism can be found in a fully automatic espresso machine, in a cleaning robot, in an electric face skin cleansing brush?
  • What does ‘naturalness’ mean in various cultures?
  • What is the role of the sauce in a pasta dish for Italians and for Germans respectively?
  • What are the main barriers for German households to investing in the stock market?
Do any of these questions ring a bell? Do you recognise a pattern that could address a topic you are currently dealing with? We will work closely with you to find ways to investigate it. Our toolbox is unlimited and customised to your needs.

Our online and in-person tools and techniques

Usage and Attitudes Studies (U&A) to investigate consumer behaviour

Social listening, social media monitoring

Cognitive interviewing about CX, UX, BX

Online consumer and user communities, online bulletin boards

User typologies, segmentation, personas

Behaviour observation, online diaries 

Ethnographic interviews with your customers

Text data mining, upcycling of existing reports

Projective techniques and provocative questions

Free sorting/ Clustering of brands, categories and products

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The other 3 pillars of our research expertise

Brand & Strategy Research

  • Advertising impact
  • Product re-launches (360° marketing checks)
  • Packaging
  • Prices & promotion
  • Marketing mix coherence, portfolio
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Shopper Research

We look at every angle
  • Shopping experience (online and offline)
  • Optimal layout, co-creation with Do-It-YourShelf
  • Shopping mood, shopping mission
  • Loyalty drivers
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Product & Packaging Test

We find the addiction factor
  • Opportunities for adopting new concepts and ideas (both products and services); addiction factor
  • New formulas, flavours, fragrances, textures, colours, shapes, dosage forms, handling, devices, packaging materials, service components, names, claims, etc.
  • Customer & user experience
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