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20th anniversary

Qualitative research is people business. Good. Because we are these people!

Established qualitative research boutique agency since 2001!

  • over 750 ad hoc empirical research projects conducted
  • in 23 countries with a strong network across the globe with reliable partners
  • over 190 international clients (both manufacturers and research agencies)
  • more than 2000 focus groups
  • over 8000 in-depth interviews
  • 86000 hours spent listening and talking to people
  • more than 130 brands x-rayed

Séissmo embodies a passion for learning, discovering, and testing. We find empirical research extremely sexy and want to share this feeling with you!

We are social scientists and qualitative researchers who love to dissect and predict people’s behaviour and thus shape the future.

We have a predilection for international projects in the areas of:

Food, drinks, sweets, spirits

Beauty, hygiene, cosmetics

Health, body, mind

Retail, shopping, e-commerce


Services, leisure, gaming

Home equipment, large and small appliances

Automotive, e-mobility

Writing instruments, daily helpers

B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C

« It is our choice and our chance to build on a multicultural and transdisciplinary team. »
Natacha Dagneaud, founder and managing director

Our team: Multicultural diversity and intellectual curiosity

Everyone at Séissmo has a passion – a passion to understand the consumer better and read in-between the lines. The success of the team, however, is not just down to superb qualifications but also a mix of unique individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, with multilingual capabilities and a diverse skill set.

Natacha Dagneaud


Sharon De Fazio


Sophie Leme Almeida


Thies Ohler


Alrik Schulze


Oksana Bandurovych


Anaé Chaouat


Martin Cotrina Tellez


Anaé Chaouat


Interns are welcome

Are you interested? Get in touch!


Elena Uhrig

Elena is studying sociology and business administration at the University of Mannheim. Her previous orientation towards quant research can easily be seen from a high affinity towards statistics and a good command of Stata. Now, she shows all the more interest in qual analysis methods, in order to gain as extensive knowledge as possible about all aspects of market research. In addition, she specialised in marketing and did research on values and the image of women in advertising. Moreover, she is particularly interested in shopper research and consumption patterns.


Sophie Tintelnot

Sophie is currently completing her bachelor in media- and communications management in Heidelberg. She loves the creative work in different sectors of media. Besides publishing journalistic articles, she is also designing websites and is well versed in Adobe Creative Cloud. Thanks to her profound knowledge in editing media, it is easy for her to recognize complex correlations, to assess the potential of pioneering technologies and how to use them effectively.


We welcome talents - from internship to senior level.

We have a superb work atmosphere - join us!

« Your work is not merely descriptive, which is truly a great asset! You teach us how our customers feel and tick. You have a gifted understanding of people. »
Client's voice


Proud of our own experiments

That is why Séissmo’s own R&D is made transparent and accessible for free — Under the name “Séissmograph”, you will find a series of annual research reports on important societal topics with a special methodological angle.

Just browse and download whatever you like. We look forward to your comments!

Séissmo carries out annual, internally funded fundamental research studies based on where we see shifts and movements in the market – the Séissmograph. The Séissmograph Reports allow us to put our exploratory methods and techniques to the test, meaning not only do our clients benefit from the findings of our research but also from the optimisation of the methods that we use.

Just browse and download whatever you like (no, we don't ask for your email or any personal information). We look forward to your comments!


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