We don't beat
around the bush.

It may not be what you expected,
but it is what you need.

We are driven by your initial question; which we will help you clarify and refine. We empathize with your problem from the beginning and deliver clear answers until the end.

We do not sell a methodology because it is fancy or fashionable. Guided by empirical evidence, we always go back to the problem posed and the target group to consult. Both determine which tools and techniques we ultimately select to best address your actual business issues.

A scientific basis

  • Tried and trusted: in-depth interviews and group discussions, ethnography
  • Digital biotope: skype interviews, online diaries & blogs, social listening
  • Non-invasive: cognitive interviews from the fields of forensics and semiotics
  • Interactive: co-creation workshops with live illustrators
  • Creative: professional actors use pantomime to interact with consumers

... for tailored solutions

At Séissmo we take our clients seriously. We offer creative yet always pragmatic and target-oriented approaches. We are not afraid of taking the more inconvenient route ... more often than not, it will lead to the most efficient solution.

Why choose us?

Experience our high commitment to each task and be impressed with how fast and thoroughly we immerse ourselves in the topic at hand. Empirical research and applied social sciences have been our territory since 2001. Our mindset is consistently international, and we offer particular expertise in the Franco-German environment.
« Séissmo is constantly pursuing new routes and always full of surprises. We loved your idea of using pantomime »
Client’s voice

What sets us apart?

We feel responsible for delivering what you looked for and beyond. We go the extra mile in conception, service and output.

The art of conversation

Conversation is an art. We manage seamless transitions in narrative settings with your customers. You can expect flowing dialogues, imaginative vocabulary, rich verbatim. Asking good questions looks pretty easy but requires professional skills! The ultimate art: have people open up and talk without having to ask any questions.

Masters of text

We are experts in understanding lines and between the lines. We are MASTERS OF UNSTRUCTURED TEXT. We decode meaning. Hand us over your big verbatim data and let us extract the story. Put our team to the test!

Powered by AI

We blend human intelligence and artificial intelligence. We use the machine to manage huge quantities of text, but we are responsible for the coding. Because identifying the relevant indicators in the language is what we are trained for.

Excellent moderation

We excel in moderation, facilitation, and interviewing. We harvest data ourselves and guaranty a constant level of quality. Same for the analysis, interpretation, and subsequent storytelling.

Eye-opening, lasting results

Our clients need us to open the blinders everyone has about their own industry. And they cherish the long-term validity of our results, which go far beyond the actual scope of the initial question. We deliver far-reaching analysis to build a strong understanding and ultimately long-term strategies and success.

Lively presentations

Last but not least, you will experience a lively presentation and impactful internal roll-out of the research results. Our oral presentations (whether in-person or digital) leave an imprint of energy and passion. They are conducted with the audience profile in mind and built to be interactive as well as entertaining.

... And we work surprisingly fast.

Our processes are streamlined and fast-paced, our thinking is high tempo, and the results are always delivered on time.

Our values, your benefits

Tacheles  תכלית  tachles

[ˈtaxələs ˈʁeːdn̩]
We seek and speak the truth, openly, directly, purpose- and goal-driven.
This is why we grow our knowledge together.

Explore our characteristics and find out what's behind:
You can count on us to find the research path just as much as to tell you where we see possible (technical, ethical, scientific, human) limits to our tools
1.1 Exploratory head
You have one dedicated researcher and senior attention — all advantages of a small structure with low hierarchy and accelerated decision-making
You will get a unique cocktail and mix of approaches; you will benefit from detour techniques to obtain faster results and/or more revealing insights
You will find partners who adapt and re-align the instruments along the course of action
You will be able to immerse yourself and put yourself in the shoes of your customer
You will laugh and smile, you will remember content better
You will understand where you stand
« Séissmo is a place for discovery and creativity, grounded in empirical social science. We take on fuzzy challenges and love clear answers. »
Natacha Dagneaud, founder and managing director
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