New Product Testing, New Services

New Product Testing, New Services
Testing innovations in their early stages is a difficult task: most consumers do not want changes and do not demonstrate a lot of obvious needs, especially in saturated markets. Our philosophy in accompanying the NPD process is to find the “addiction” factor potentially inherent to a new product or system/service/device/appliance/etc.. We want to find out how fast consumers may be able to absorb and incorporate your offering as their own (the so-called assimilation process).

If your question sounds like these, you've come to the right place!

  • What should be considered to build the second generation of a recent technical appliance, based on insights derived from the adoption behaviour of lead users?
  • For what reason has the launch of a new product gone almost unnoticed (in terms of sales)?
  • Why does a product which has had long-term success in France flop in Germany?
  • Where are there white spaces for new launches in a crowded and trivialised category?
  • Which packaging shape delivers best your product’s USP and offers the best user experience?

Our online and offline tools and techniques

Observation of behavioural routines with the new device/service/product

Screen-to-Screen interviews, purchase simulation

Mental representation, intuitive clustering, free sorting

Home-Use-Test with blended methodology

Design sprints, co-creation with your customers, agile innovation

Creative workshops/ idea generation

«The final presentations are great with you, no matter if face-to-face or via videoconference, for it’s not an easy task to onboard and captivate the internal stakeholders, even people from the lab or our engineers enjoy them.»
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