Exploratory Research :

Text data mining, upcycling of existing reports

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Data mining

The designation “text data mining” was inspired by digging to find rare and precious minerals.

It describess the process of extracting large amounts of data and then analysing it to identify and learn from relationships, correlations and patterns. The aim is to sift through this raw material and transform it into usable information, making hidden information visible and understandable. This is an invaluable decision-making tool for businesses.

Collecting data on customer purchases has opened up many interesting opportunities for market research. Shoppers leave a trail that speaks volumes about their buying behaviour and preferences, true to the motto 'you are what you buy'. With intelligent data mining, you can analyse shopping baskets, group purchases, changes in buying or branding habits, new customer acquisition or even repurchase rates. Data mining is a remarkably cost-effective tool for understanding shoppers

At Séissmo, we have several years' experience in interpreting the results of data mining projects. However, we never look at this data in isolation. Our qualitative data provides hypotheses that can then be verified through data mining.

Website crawler

We can identify trigger words and values, key moments and tonality (semantics, iconography). How are the main brands positioned? What do they say, both in terms of content and tonality? Find out why other brands are probably emotionally stronger or how they have entered the lives of customers. What have they done/said and how?

Thanks to our natural language processing AI SaaS platform, Synomia, we were able to crawl the websites of our construction client and some of its competitors. In addition, once the main topics were identified, a Google search analysis of the corresponding keywords was carried out. This helped us to identify the 'hot' topics. This enabled us to see that our client's website contained less verbal information about the features that were being communicated most intensively by its competitors.

Upcycling of existing reports

Do you want to revitalise the research you have been doing on a key topic over the last few years and give it new meaning? Thanks to Synomia, our custom-made SaaS software based on natural language processing, we can bring to light the links you are missing. Give us your old results (in pptx, docx, xlsx or even pdf format) and we'll make sure you get a consolidated, weighted analysis that reveals new insights

To find out more about how you can dig deeper into your existing treasures and uncover some precious hidden insights, take a look at our blog.

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The other 3 pillars of our research expertise

Brand & Strategy Research

  • Advertising impact
  • Product re-launches (360° marketing checks)
  • Packaging
  • Prices & promotion
  • Marketing mix coherence, portfolio
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Shopper Research

We look at every angle
  • Shopping experience (online and offline)
  • Optimal layout, co-creation with Do-It-YourShelf
  • Shopping mood, shopping mission
  • Loyalty drivers
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Product & Packaging Test

We find the addiction factor
  • Opportunities for adopting new concepts and ideas (both products and services); addiction factor
  • New formulas, flavours, fragrances, textures, colours, shapes, dosage forms, handling, devices, packaging materials, service components, names, claims, etc.
  • Customer & user experience
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