Men and their aging bodies – ‘A dialogue with the deaf’

A semiotic and psycho-sociological analysis of men’s aging.

Within the context of our annual research reporting, we are interested in investigating what kind of challenges “aging male bodies” in Germany pose to the products and services aimed at them. To do this, we will have to understand how men accept and experience their aging. What does it mean to a man “to age”? Which symptoms would he name related to this process? And which are the ones that make him suffer?

This study outlines the relationship men have with their bodies which are wearing over the years and the way they handle these transformations. Some deny their age completely, some use coping strategies.



Keywords: men, aging, semiotic analysis, Europe, Germany, society, seduction, body image, youth, imperfection, mental images, typology, semantic discourse, marketing mix, communication; workshop, exploratory interviews

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