Consumers’ nocturnal activities

What do consumers do at night?

Well, they’re not all sleeping. Some wake up in the middle of the night or go to bed later than planned. Does that ring a bell?
We have learned that consumers are quite active at night. Which opens up great opportunities for products and services – but only if they have been adapted to their nighttime situation.

We’re very excited to say that we’ve shed some light into the darkness of nightly consumerism! The results we’ve come up with can be of great value to you. Gathered using a combination of an online forum and our unique cognitive interviews – a powerful non-invasive methodology we’ve developed together with police detectives – you’ll be surprised at what we learned.



Keywords: Addiction, night consumption, smartphone, noctural consumer journey, online shopping, consumer behaviour, innovative research methodology, TV and media consumption, online reading, paper books, dairy products, usage of electronic devices, cognitive interviews, F2F, in-person interviews, online forum, online community, UX, CX, week-long panels

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