We connect the dots between specialties

We believe in specialised expertise and know our limits.
We will diligently consider how to answer your questions and where we possibly need to on-board further specialists.

The limits of market research:

  • Consumers cannot be asked everything – in doubt, their answers might be very misleading.
  • Consumers and market researchers neither replace creative agencies, designers, consultancy firms, nor visionary marketing and R&D.
Do you trust an agency who knows their limits? Be reassured: we will create the right research cocktail tailored to your needs. Good news as well: we live our partnerships, which are based on affinity, to ensure our clients a seamless experience. Please discover with us our strategic partnerships.

Strategic areas of and collaboration

Quantitative research (segmentation, U&A, sniff tests, packaging tests, product tests)

Social conversations, web listening, key word analysis on the net

Cross-industry innovation workshops, idea generation

Sales activation, sales team workshops

« When it comes to understanding consumers and shoppers holistically, our efficient cooperation with Séissmo has proven to bring comprehensive results »
Line Kerrad, managing director Strategir GmbH
Thanks to this
unique combination
of different and independent perspectives, you will access the
best expertise available.
This will merge into a consolidated diagnosis to help you grow your business.
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