Hybridization of Data

The slide deck is short; our purpose is to give an overview of how we practice hybridization – in 15 minutes.

The enhanced power of Qual

Hybridization of data is often synonymous with big Data and connecting sources of statistical data. In our case, you might wonder how a qualitative research institute like Séissmo understands and practices data hybridization. Well, because we are now able to analyze and cross all kinds of complex texts.

So, what were the benefits for our clients since we teamed up with an A.I.? The answer is more solid results thanks to the quantification and weighing of verbatim. Introducing quantitative elements into the world of subjective interpretation. Crafting more visual and concise overviews.

Keywords: A.I., natural language processing, NLP, augmented quali, data hybridization, textual sources, semantics, verbatim quantification and weighting
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