Shopping Exfearience: Séissmograph 2020

We are proud to offer so quickly a report that will allow you to dive into shoppers’ personal experience in these Corona times, going beyond description or sales ranking.

Our purpose was to understand how consumers have lived their visit to the shop in this new context, and to what extent the measures implemented by the shops influenced their mind set, their actions and what they bought. Discover with us the new face of grocery shopping: How did French and German consumers experience the moment of grocery shopping in supermarkets? What were their new behaviour, their new priorities and habits? What were the consequences of stress on behaviour inside the supermarket and on the process of purchase decision? How did they perceive the safety measures implemented by the shops and what was the impact on brand image?

With the methodology of the cognitive interview, which consists in letting them live again their last grocery purchase without interrupting their narration or asking any questions, we deliver insights that we truly believe surprising and comprehensive. Using AI with our NLP-based SaaS allowed us to weight these elements, to benchmark them with previous studies and to reveal dimensions that were hardly visible until now.



Keywords: Shopping exfearience, corona crisis, effects, shopper behaviour, Germany, France, mindset, new normal, decision-making process, trade-offs, augmented Qual, AI, Synomia, grocery shopping, retailers, manufacturers, brands, lockdown, home, changing purchase habits, purchase planning, shopper journey, male shoppers, threat of virus contamination, packaging, protection, distance, frustration, value shift, retailer image, image upgrade, in-depth interviews, screen-to-screen, cognitive interviews, individual interviews

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