How German women view their bodies – ‘The body complete and the body under construction’

Over the last years, Séissmo has repeatedly been asked by clients about the specific way in which Germans perceive the body. It would seem that the body is perceived quite differently in Germany from the way it is seen in the Latin countries of Europe.

When you talk to Germans about their body, the first thing that they tend to mention is their Selbstbild, i.e. their mental perception of their own body. This “physical awareness” – Körperbewußtsein - is firmly anchored in Germany’s cultural heritage. Nevertheless, Germany is also exposed to numerous other influences. This study reveals surprising new findings concerning the relationship German women have with their bodies.



Keywords: German women, body image, sports, skin, asexual, body care, beauty ideals, styling, beauty, naturalness, healthy life, washing, hygiene, individual interviews, focus groups

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