Best of Interviewing Skills

In our anniversary June, we would like to share with you the main principles of good interviewing in a small compendium. For more than 20 years, we have been conducting in-depth interviews and encouraging people to confide in us. We listen carefully to what people have to say without judging them and, thus, gain a thorough understanding of their behaviour and their underlying thinking patterns.

The technical description of 8 pages provides the basic rules of successful conversation for everybody – not only market researchers. Whenever honest and meaningful answers are required and you sincerely look for things you do not know yet, these pages might offer a valuable help.

Conducting an interview without assuming the outcome is truly difficult. But it looks so easy when it is done correctly! Anyone who has ever attempted to do it can quickly tell how many pitfalls are lurking on every corner (like in this forest…).

This guide to the art of conversation will help you become an explorer. Happy discovery!

8 pages guide to conducting interviews with art!

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