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The Autumn of Market Research: this month, we want to share with you all the new content we disclosed at the French trade show “Printemps des Etudes” in Paris (which was back face-to-face after 18 months of delay due to the pandemic, explaining why it contains the word “Spring” ) and the German digital conference “Woche der Marktforschung” (Market Research Week), for its second edition.

Weekly ads and current flyers: UX behind paper and digital

How about knowing what your customers like to see or not on a weekly ad/ promotional flyer? How about the format? Séissmo investigated the habits of customers to understand the attraction of paper (and digital) flyers. Included: a top illustrated manual about the do’s and don’ts when creating a leaflet. The live speech was very well received – we hope you enjoy the “quiet” version.
Keywords: weekly ads, flyer, digital, paper, promotion, user experience, distributors, retailers, brands
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Web Site Story Reloaded (Updated)

What story tells your webpage about you, your company, and your brand? Often, the digital editorial content is not as closely monitored as other KPIs. But it is a huge carrier of meaning, conveying important messages into the world! Let’s get to the bottom of your story and scrutinize your competition! The topic resonated with various companies from all industries (products, services, institutions), which showed in the huge variety of attending visitors.
Keywords: brands, positioning, speech analysis, competitive analysis, values, semiotics, natural language processing, crawling, url, web page, web site
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Hybridization of Data – the enhanced power of Qual

Hybridization of data is often synonymous with big Data and connecting sources of statistical data. In our case, you might wonder how a qualitative research institute like Séissmo understands and practices data hybridization. Well, because we are now able to analyse and cross all kinds of complex texts. So, what were the benefits of our clients since we teamed up with an A.I.? More solid results thanks to the quantification and weighing of verbatim. Introducing quantitative elements into the world of subjective interpretation. Crafting more visual and concise overviews. The slide deck is short, our purpose was to give an overview of how we practice hybridization – in 15 minutes.
Keywords: A.I., natural language processing, NLP, augmented quali, data hybridization, textual sources, semantics, verbatim quantification and weighting
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Repeat your success

Do you really know what factors were responsible for the success of your product or service? Find out about the real reason(s) behind, and why you should systematically question the profound reasons for adoption/ re-purchase. You can identify them in a small and efficient qualitative study!

Discover the recording of our live broadcasting session, with hands-on examples.

The future of (analogue and digital) writing - Case Study with STABILO

The writing tools market is undergoing a transformation for quite some time and the digitalisation will continue to transform this industry. Get a glimpse of why Stabilo decided to explore the digital and analogue writing habits of Digital Natives and listen to first-hand experience from Project Manager Christoph Seuss - Head of Strategic Business Area Learning to Write at Stabilo.