Shopping Exfearience

In the course of our annual fundamental research Séissmograph about the shopping experience in France & Germany, we have discovered a new phenomenon: anxiety and fear at the grocery store. This is what we call the Shopping Exfearience.

While this affects the scope of what shoppers are able to perceive (stress works like blinders), it also shows a longer term effect on the retailer’s image, related to their ability to manage the new regulations during the Corona crisis at the total store level and what it concretely means for the shoppers’ journey.
With the methodology of the cognitive interview, which consists in letting them live again their last grocery purchase without interrupting their narration or asking any questions, we deliver insights that we truly believe surprising and comprehensive.

See how much the lockdown in France reflected on the French’s anxiety during grocery shopping, and how the German’s worries evolved, although the shoppers had more freedom of movement.
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